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  • 50th Anniversary Air Pollution Act DEQ celebrates 50th anniversary of Michigan Air Pollution Act Fifty years ago, the Michigan Legislature passed the Air Pollution Act to address widespread air pollution from unregulated industrial stacks and open burning. In recognition of the progress made since then, Gov. Rick Snyder proclaimed July 23, 2015, as the 50th Anniversary of Michigan's First Air Pollution Act. During this anniversary year, the Air Quality Division celebrates with all who have helped improve our air to make Michigan a healthier place to live, work and play.
  • water strategy Recently Released Michigan Draft Water Strategy The Office of the Great Lakes recently released a draft Water Strategy built around a 30-year vision for ensuring Michigan's water resources support healthy ecosystems, residents, communities and economies. Click on image to check out the Draft Water Strategy and learn how it was developed.
  • Boiler or Process Heater Do you have a boiler or process heater?

    If you answered YES, you may be subject to new requirements for limiting the emission of toxic air pollutants. Find out more by using the free MDEQ Boiler NESHAP Navigation Tool. The tool will help you determine whether you are subject, document your conclusions, and locate new permit conditions for permitting this equipment.

  • Pleasant Peninsulas Check out the latest from DEQ DEQ recently launched Pleasant Peninsulas, a storytelling publication written by staff about the work they do around the department to protect Michigan's air, land and water and facilitate economic development.
  • Great Lakes Recycling Carousel The DEQ is exploring new ways to increase Michigan's recycling rate.
  • DEQ Fracking Gas Map Michigan Get the Facts on Fracking Hydraulic fracturing has been in the news, but this process for extracting gas and oil is far from new. Click on image for a Q&A with some facts about what it is, how it works, and insight on popular fracking myths.