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Upper Black River Council member helps place structure in the river to improve trout habitat.Partnerships key to success of upper Black River brook trout fishery The northeastern Lower Peninsula's upper Black River, long recognized as one of Michigan's best brook trout streams, has become a destination point for anglers chasing wild brookies. But that doesn't mean it can't be even better. And a unique group of partners - known as the Upper Black River Council - has been doing its best to make it so.
Jim Harding shows off an adult wood turtle he found on an excursion on an Upper Peninsula river.Michigan State University researcher gives rare turtles a head start on survival Jim Harding, an instructor and outreach specialist with Michigan State University's Zoology Department, has been studying the wood turtle population along an Upper Peninsula river since 1969. One of 10 species of turtles that live in Michigan, wood turtles are a species of concern, and Harding is helping raise turtles in hopes of increasing their survival rates.
The American woodcock is a Michigan DNR featured species for early successional forests.Michigan DNR adds 'featured species' approach to habitat management From pine barrens to oak savannah, prairie fens to young aspen, state-managed land in Michigan offers a vast array of ecosystem and habitat types, which all call for differing approaches to habitat and wildlife management. To best manage these various habitats, as well as effectively measure outcomes and engage the public in discussing and developing plans and goals, the DNR Wildlife Division has adopted guidelines that put the focus on "featured species" found in each ecosystem or habitat type.
Dimondale's Danford Island Park.Small park illustrates big impact of Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Residents attending the dedication of Danford Island Park in the village of Dimondale will get a firsthand look at the community good that comes from Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund dollars. The trust fund officially marks its 38th birthday this year, but after nearly four decades of funding public outdoor recreation projects in every county throughout the state, it seems clear that it's the people of Michigan who get the best gifts - like Danford Island Park - out of the deal.
Volunteer Charity Steere removes invasive garlic mustard at Waterloo Recreation Area.Stewardship volunteers give back to state parks The DNR's State Park Stewardship Unit organizes volunteer workdays to help protect and restore natural areas at 18 parks in the state park system, across southern Michigan. The workdays focus on natural areas that are known or potential sites for species of greatest conservation need. Volunteers recently came out to remove garlic mustard, an invasive plant, at Waterloo State Recreation Area.
Exterior of the Mann House in Concord, Michigan, a near-perfectly preserved Victorian-era home.What's new at Michigan's historic Mann House The Mann House - a near-perfectly preserved Victorian-era home in the picturesque community of Concord, just west of Jackson – is one of the Michigan Historical Center's historic sites. The house was recently restored to its 1883 paint colors, and the property is seeing a resurgence of work and research thanks to a new partnership between the Michigan Historical Center and Eastern Michigan University's graduate program in historical preservation.
Students from Whitefish Township Community School help release salmon into the Tahquamenon River.Popular 'Salmon in the Classroom' program hooks kids on learning about the natural world Every year more than 15,000 Michigan youngsters are involved in hatching Chinook salmon eggs (supplied by Department of Natural Resources' fish hatcheries) and feeding and caring for the fry until they are old enough, in the spring, to be released into local rivers - hopefully to return in four years to spawn. Salmon in the Classroom is the DNR's most popular education program.
During a bald eagle necropsy, DNR wildlife pathologist Tom Cooley does a check of the carcass.Longtime DNR pathologist finds the answers in wildlife deaths If the Department of Natural Resources were in the television business, it would have one sure-fire, prime-time drama on its hands: "Cooley, M.E." Tom Cooley is the DNR's pathologist. When wildlife - both game and nongame - are found dead from unapparent causes, it is Cooley's job to figure out what happened.
Boaters, a man and a girl, on Lake Erie at Sterling State Park.Safety first, for fun times on the water The DNR's conservation officers remind Michigan residents to practice safety when boating. The Coast Guard estimates that 80 percent of boating fatalities could be prevented by wearing life jackets. There are other things boaters can do to ensure they're enjoying the water safely, including taking a boater safety class. Boating fatalities are decreasing in Michigan, thanks in large part to required boating safety training.
A DNR fire crew member works the ground at a prescribed burn in Verona State Game Area near Bad Axe.Prescribed burns ignite Michigan wildlife habitat growth Spring is fire season in Michigan. The retreating snow and ice of winter leave behind a landscape of dead vegetation that serves as prime fuel for wildfires. At the same time, the vegetation also provides fuel for fires that state land managers want to see - fires that thin out overgrown vegetation or prepare the landscape for planting. Employees within the DNR's Forest Resources Division are responsible for both, putting out wildfires and igniting prescribed burns on land that can be managed using fire.
A tom struts for a hen during Michigan's spring turkey breeding season.Turkey population and hunting tradition thrive in Michigan Michigan annually ranks among the top 10 states in the union for wild turkey harvest - an almost astounding fact, as 100 years ago there wasn't a wild turkey to be found in the state. Today, wild turkeys can be found in every county in the Lower Peninsula and in many places in the Upper Peninsula as well.
Spotted salamanderSpring's the time for spotting salamanders on the move Spring bird migrations can be an extraordinary sight, but there's another significant wildlife migration happening right now, one that can be just as spectacular but often flies below the radar. Michigan's salamanders are on the move.

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