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    MDARD Site Map
    About MDARD
     Office of Agriculture Development
     Animal Industry Division
     Emergency Preparedness Program
     Environmental Stewardship Division
     Executive Office
     Operational Services and Central Licensing
     Food and Dairy Division
     QOL Human Resources Division
     Laboratory Division
     Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division
     Meeting Minutes
     Archived Meeting Minutes
     Boards and Councils
     Agricultural Marketing and Bargaining Board
     Pesticide Advisory Committee
     Michigan Food Policy Council
     Michigan Grape & Wine Industry Council
     Online Services
     Public Meeting Notices
     Media Room: Press Releases, Pics, Podcasts & Video
     Press Releases for MDARD
    Animal Health & Care
     Animal Diseases
     Bovine TB
     Equine Herpesvirus
     Chronic Wasting Disease
     Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis (EEE)
      Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA)
     Foot and Mouth Disease
     Scrapie Information
     Swine Pseudorabies
     West Nile Virus
     Animal ID
     Animal Product Recalls
     Animal Related Emergency Preparedness
     Animal Related Licensing
     Bringing Animals Into Michigan
     Disposal of Dead Animals
     Exhibition Requirements
    Consumer Information
     Brochures & Flyers
     Consumer Tips
     Item Pricing
     Find a Licensed Business
     Michigan's Gasoline Corner
     Weights & Measures
     Food Safety for Consumers
     Emergency Preparedness
     Food Related
     Animal Related
     Human Health
     Giant Hogweed
     Tick Identification
     Pest Control
     Pesticide Notification Registry
     Emerald Ash Borer
     Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
    Environmental Programs
     Anaerobic Digesters
     Conservation District Information
     Farmland Preservation
     Private Forestlands Initiative
     Michigan Right to Farm
     Pollution Prevention
     Water Use Reporting
     Wildlife Preservation
    Fairs & Horses
     Michigan Horse Racing
     County Fair Information
     Exhibition Requirements & Information - Animals
     Michigan Youth Livestock Scholarship Fund
     Horse Breeder/Owner Awards Program
    Farm, Business & Lab Services
     Business Resources
     Farmers' Market Facts
     Food Digest
     How to Start a Business
     Michigan Export Marketing
     Lab Services
     Wine Resources
     Farm Produce Insurance Authority
     Resources for Food Regulators
     How to Start a Business
     Lab Services
     Pest Management Training
     Weights & Measures Exams
     Reports & Publications
     Grants, Loans, & Funding Opportunities
     SCBG-FB 12-25-B-1235 Final Reports
     SCBG-FB 12-25-B-0795 Final Reports
     SCBG-FB 12-25-B-1075 Final Reports
     2009 Specialty Crop Block Grant Final Reports
    Food Safety
     Food Recalls
     How MI Ensures Food Safety
     Food & Dairy Industry
     How to Start a Cottage Food Business
     Food Industry Related Training
     Food Industry Regulations (Food Law)
     Food & Dairy Regulators
     Food Service Correspondence Searchable Data
     Plan Review
     Food Service Licensing
     Foodborne Illness, Food Security & Recalls
     FDA National Retail Standards
     Emergency Management
     Evaluation of a Food Establishment
     FSP Contact Information
    Grow Your Business
     Michigan Wines
     Rural Development Resources
    Licensing, Certification & Registration
     Find a Licensed Business in Michigan
     Agricultural Products
     Animal Feed
     Christmas Tree Inspection & Certification
     Michigan Fertilizer and Liming Information
     Grain Dealers
     Nursery Licensing and Inspection
     Animal Related Licensing
     Animal Control Officer
     Michigan Animal Feed Information
     Animal Remedies
     Animal Shelters
     Dead Animal Dealer/Renderer License
     Dog ID Registration and Tattooers List
     Livestock Dealer
     Pet Shops
     Riding Stables
     Privately Owned Cervidae
     Food Industries
     Dairy Licenses and Permits
     Food Establishment Licensing Guide
     Bottled Water
     How to Apply for a Food Service License
     Horse Breeder/Owner Awards Program
     Migrant Labor Housing
     Organic Registration
     Agricultural Pesticide Dealer License
     Pesticide Application Businesses
     Pesticide Application Certification
     Pesticide Regulatory Info
     Pesticide Laws and Regulations
     Pesticide Registration
     Restricted Use Pesticides in Michigan
     Pesticide Notification Registry
     Retail Motor Fuel Outlet
     Weights & Measures
     Training Opportunities
     Weights & Measures Advisories
     Service Agency & Person Registration
     MDARD Metrology Lab Services
    Plant, Pest, & Pesticide Info
     Bulk Storage
     Christmas Tree Certification
     Clean Sweep
     Emerald Ash Borer
     Emerald Ash Borer Survey and Quarantine
     I think I have a tree or trees infested by the EAB
     Firewood Facts
     Emerald Ash Borer Contact Information
     Links of Interest
     Industry Corner
     Fertilizer and Liming
     Giant Hogweed
     Exotic Pests
     Nursery Stock Program
     Pineshoot Beetle
     Phytosanitary Export Certification
     Soybean Rust
     Section 18 & 24c Pesticide Labels for Special Need
    Reference Library
     Annual Reports
     Laws and Regulations
     MDARD Boilerplate Reporting Requirements
     Animal Feed & Remedy Recall Archive
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